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The Way Thru:

leadership Coaching

Executive Coaching ​for Senior Leaders

Become the leader you know you can be.

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Embrace Change and Navigate ​Complexity in an Ever-Changing ​Workforce.

Have you lost high performing staff to the Great Resignation?

Do you worry that the skillset that got you here, won't address the ​needs of a more diverse workforce?

Do you aspire to be a DEI champion, but need support on where to ​start?

You're in the right place. Executive Leadership Coaching is proven to ​help already talented leaders expand their skills in alignment with ​their personal and professional values. You'll have a non-judgmental, ​unbiased space to ask hard questions, explore new skills, and get ​feedback and support from a coach who has been in the arena with ​you and understands the nuanced challenges that can arise - from ​both sides.

With my personalized approach and unique perspective, I'll help you ​to communicate effectively and authentically, navigate difficult ​conversations, create an inclusive work environment, and inspire your ​team for success.

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Rise Above the Noise.

Stand out as an ally and champion for diverse teams.

Refined Leadership Skills

  • Understand your thoughts, ​feelings, and behaviors.
  • Determine the root causes of ​challenges on your team.
  • Explore new tools to manage ​the stress, uncertainty, and ​overwhelm of leadership so ​that you're better equipped ​to respond to unexpected ​challenges.

Foster Unity and Diversity

  • Learn to apply DEI values to ​your unique situation.
  • Explore implicit biases and ​the dynamics power and ​privilege in leadership.
  • Reduce harm and create an ​inclusive culture.
  • Avoid crises with proactive ​strategies and ​communication​ skills.

Strategic Action Plan

  • Develop personalized ​leadership development ​goals to ensure longevity.
  • Align those goals with the ​existing skills and values that ​have led to your success.
  • Receive unbiased feedback a​nd real-time support to c​ontinuously improve.

Hi, I'm Raven.

I believe that people lead best when they do so from the core of who ​they are. Most clients arrive at my work with a deep sense of who ​they want to be, but they haven't had time and space to fulfill that ​vision. My approach facilitates the growth of self-awareness and ​encourages clients to take bold, courageous steps to foster diversity ​and inclusivity while building strong, effective teams.

Over the past 10 years, I have helped senior leaders and ​​entrepreneurs to develop leadership strategies that are both ​tailored ​to their unique strengths and responsive to the needs of ​an ever-​evolving, diverse workforce. Leadership coaching is an incredible gift ​to give oneself, and I am humbled to be a part of the journey.

Get ahead of the curve


Benefit from 15+ years' experience:

With deep experience in Operations, Human Resources, and Strategic Planning - my leadership journey has been a unique ​experience of leading from behind while forging a path ahead. I've consistently worked with organizations navigating moments of ​major change to decades-old systems. That path afforded me a unique experience in balancing power/authority in complex ​environments while honoring my people-focused values and beliefs.

Leading High Visibility, ​Cross Functional Teams

I've partnered with executives at ​Fortune 500 companies and ​managed key programs/partnerships ​in the dynamic Tech industry. I know ​what it takes to lead through ​uncertainty, juggle competing ​priorities and hit aggressive targets - ​even in the midst of chaos.

Navigating Complex HR+ ​DEI Conversations

I am well-versed in leadership strategies ​and understand the importance of ​recognizing and appreciating diversity in ​the workplace. As your coach, I will ​provide leadership guidance and crisis ​management to help you create a more ​effective workplace culture and ensure ​the longevity of your teams.

Advising CEOs, Executive ​Directors + Entrepreneurs

Over the past 10 years, I've advised ​toward successful strategies around ​team motivation/culture, increasing ​emotional intelligence and developing ​mid-level managers. With my broad ​experience across Social Impact, Non-​Profits and Tech Startups, you’ll get ​the tools and guidance necessary to ​stay ahead of the curve.

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Inclusive leadership is not a destination. ​It's a journey that requires humility, ​curiosity and courage.

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Leadership Coaching is ​for you if...

  • You identify as a caring leader, but get feedback that your ​communication is unclear.

  • You've felt uneasy about power/authority since you were promoted ​but now, it's starting to impact your team's results.

  • You want to be more open with your team but aren't sure where to ​start, because you've rarely seen it done well.

  • You've taken leadership courses, now you want to learn the nuances ​that only come with practice.

  • You champion diversity in your company, but are still human... so ​you've made mistakes that require your attention.

The results will speak for themsleves:


increase in team ​performance and ​collaboration.*


increase in individual goal ​attainment, performance, ​and satisfaction.*


increase in organizational ​performance, revenue, ​employee retention.

*Source: International Coaching Federation

The Way Thru: Leadership

Coaching includes

1:1 Coaching Sessions

These sessions allow coach and client to build an open, ​trusting relationship to uncover any leadership challenges ​and provide tailored solutions that best fit the client's ​needs. ​

Personalized Action Strategies

We'll develop a comprehensive action plan that outline​s the steps and strategies needed to achieve your leade​rship goals. With this plan, we can track progress and meas​ure success along the way.

Real-Time Support

Access your coach using email/direct message to receive ​personalized support whenever you need it. Your coach will ​provide constructive feedback and guidance to help you g​ain a fresh perspective on leadership solutions to st​ay ahead of the leadership curve.

Resources, Tools and Actionable Strategies

Life-long learning is one of the most crucial leadership ​skills. If we uncover a gap in your leadership skills, I'll ​provide resources, training opportunities and helpful tools ​designed to build the skills and confidence needed to make ​sound leadership decisions.

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Leaders who work with me say...

I hired Raven to help me strategize on my budding ​nonprofit and get clearer direction about the program ​and execution of my work. She was so good, in fact, ​that months later I invited her to work directly with ​my nonprofit. Raven is an an imaginative leader ​whose expertise in strategic planning, goal setting, ​and practical execution was a key component of my ​organization's programmatic work.

- Nonprofit Founder, CEO

Raven got me through a pretty rough patch I was ​having with work and life. With her help, I was able to ​move through blocks I was encountering. The biggest sh​ift for me sounds so simple: she introduced me to, ​and got me actually USING some very helpful tools ​to keep me co​n​sistent.

- Fo​under, CEO


of clients meet or exceed ​their stated goals within ​6 months of working with ​Raven.

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"At first, I felt challenged by Raven's direct approach. ​Her questions made me think hard about what I'm ​willing to do to be the person I say I am. No one has ​ever done that for me before. It was amazing how she ​could see through my excuses and help me take risks at ​work that felt so challenging I had started to think they ​were impossible. This wasn't just about becoming a ​better leader - it's about becoming a better man."

- Nonprofit Executive Director

"Getting this unique insight from a Black woman has ​been invaluable in helping me understand how ​microaggressions have an impact. Now, I better ​understand now, how to treat my staff with respect, ​empathy and support. I've got more work to do, and ​I'm glad to have this support."

- Director, Tech Startup


of clients would ​recommend The Way ​Thru to friends and ​colleagues.

**actual clients not pictured for privacy purposes.

Ready to Get Started? Here's the Process:

Reserve Your Spot

Apply to be considered for a coaching ​spot. I only take 3 new clients per quarter. ​If you want to work with me, this is your ​space to let me know why.

The best coach-client matches are the ​ones who connect on the human-to-​human level, so please express your ​personality in your responses.

Number 1

Assess for Fit

If accepted, you’ll receive an invitation to ​schedule a consultation.

This is your opportunity to ask questions ​about my approach or process and set ​meaningful goals for our time together.

After this call, you'll get a custom ​proposal for your chosen program.

Number 2

Do the Work

We'll start with six months wherein you ​will be challenged to define an, pursue ​the results you desire while questioning ​everything you know about how to lead in ​today's modern workforce.

Each month, you'll have three 60-minute ​calls, plus access to your coach via email ​and direct voice/video messaing.

Number 3

Get STarted

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ho​w is Coaching different from Coaching?

Our most impactful client relationships have been with folks who are ​now, or have worked with a therapist. The main difference is that ​therapy tends to focus on past and deeply rooted causes of current ​behavior. Coaching focuses on your present reality, core values and ​beliefs to form solution-oriented plans of action. We may discuss ​emotions as a practice of embodiment, not to process deep woun​ds. We may explore the WHY behind your actions, but only long enough to ​discern​ the next effective step.

Wh​at results can I expect?

Your results rely entirely on the degree to which you engage and implement ​what you've learned. You may develop greater clarity on how to navi​gate difficult conversations, take an unbiased approach in decision mak​ing, and create a culture that encourages and supports growth. As​ you become more emotionally intelligent, your team will naturally follow s​uit, leading to greater team unity and collaboration. You'll also be be​tter equipped to handle conflicts, manage stress, and achieve the des​ired outcomes for both you and the organizat​ion.

Wh​at does this cost?

The Way Thru: Leadership Coaching is a premium service offered ​exclusively to senior leaders and those aspiring. As such, pricing starts ​at $400 per hour. Many clients seek support through their empl​oyer's pe​rsonal development stipends and discretionary funds.

What makes this service different than other executive coaches?

As a Black woman, I've successfully "managed up" for 20 years, in a ​wide variety of professional environments. After being told by Senior ​Leaders that our time together totally transformed their approach, I've ​decided to lend this skillset to others who truly want to learn what it ​takes to thrive as a leader in today's diverse workforce. Leaders trust ​the unique perspective and report feeling accurately seen and heard for ​the first time in their careers.

What does Emotional Intelligence have to do with Leadership?

Emotional intelligence is an essential component of effective leadership. ​Emotionally intelligent leaders are able to read the mood of their team ​and understand how to manage conflict, communicate effectively, and ​create an inclusive work environment. Emotional intelligence is key for ​successful leaders in today's workplace.

How can Executive Coaching help me?

Executive coaching will help you to become a stronger, more effective ​leader. You'll learn to communicate effectively with a diverse workforce, ​act in integrity with your most important values, and lead from a place of ​empathy and understanding. As those shifts happen for you, it'll also ​translate to business results for your firm. Turnover will decrease, ​productivity will increase, and team morale will improve.