Business Strategist & Project Manager

Before working with Raven, I was battling feelings of overwhelm and indecision, causing my business growth to stagnate. With Raven’s help, my stress began to evaporate and I gained the clarity I needed to execute the projects I’d been stalling on. Throughout the process, she was super professional, held me accountable, and served as a partner in both my personal and financial success.
— Amber L. Wright - Words Well Said

Trying to do it all on your own? Allow me to help.

You’ve got work you’re passionate about. You’ve got a million and one ideas that are all half started. You don’t have the time, tech savvy or desire to do the behind the scenes work.

And that’s fine. Because with me, you can do the thing you love and I can do the things I love. Luckily for you, what I love is supporting changemakers to amplify their message, get more done and make more money.

On this page, I’ll share the array of things that I can do for the right person/business. I can do all or some of these things for the right person.

Who is the “right” person?

I get the most enjoyment out of working with creatives who are shifting our culture through activism, coaching, writing, speaking and art.

Your work has the potential to improve lives, transform thinking, and create change in the world - one person at a time. You’re so focused on your message that you don’t have the time to fiddle with your website or get down into the details of how your next program will come to life.

That’s where I step in.

How do I work?

I start with a strategy session so that we can develop a master plan for your project. Once the project begins, consider me a part of your team. I will write up the plan we’ve discussed in a way that feels manageable and flexible. Then, we’ll get to work. I’ll check in with you each week to identify and remove any possible road blocks.

I have a wide array of skills and will use them, where needed, to bring your program to life in the most successful way.

After spending a few months all up in your business, I’ll leave you with clear processes, procedures and tools to make running your business a breeze.

My areas of expertise and enjoyment:

  • Strategy

    • Discuss goals and what steps are needed to achieve them.

    • Discover your approach, values, and principles and translate into daily business practices.

    • Research business tools, systems and strategies.

  • Project Management

    • Create project timelines and manage achievement of key milestones.

    • Follow up on key tasks to ensure that we remain on schedule.

    • Assess risk factors/challenges and offer solutions.

    • Set up new technologies like online courses, email marketing and membership portals.

  • Operations Management

    • Manage administration, logistics and infrastructure of your growing business.

    • Create and optimize processes based on your work style, tech savvy and budget.

    • Recruit additional team members and train them into their respective functions.

    • Manage day to day tasks of other team members to keep projects moving


Once we get started, we’ll create beautiful things together in your business. Because of the time and energy I share with strategy clients, I only do it for a 2-3 people at a time and am very selective about who I partner with.

You must be super enthusiastic about your business/creative venture and ready to invest in your success by working with me but also in committing the time and energy required to complete the plan we create.

I do not do sales calls. What I mean by this is that our consultation is not an event where I will pull out sales tactics to persuade you to work with me. You can arrive knowing that there is no pressure, just a space for us to get to know each other and see if our work aligns.