Grandma's Porch: Living a Life of Service

I want my business to feel like your grandma’s front porch. A place where you always feel you can stop by, sip some tea and get what you need whether it’s a hug or a kick in the pants But grandma doesn’t have a flashing arrow and a billboard in her front yard. You just *know* she’s there and that you’re always welcome to stop by and that you always feel better when you leave.

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About MeRaven Robinson
Self Care Ideas

In the Self Care Sessions during September we cover six areas of Self. I'm sharing a few ideas from my own personal plans over the years. We gotta think beyond the spa and take care of our WHOLE selves.

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Self CareRaven Robinson
Self Care September

Recently, in a community that I participate in, someone asked the women there to share their Self Care Plan. There were three things that caught my attention, but didn't surprise me: 

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Raven Robinson