I Am Perfect Just the Way I Am

If this said "YOU are perfect just the way you are" it would be read as encouraging, inspirational.

But somehow, we've come to think that it's not okay to encourage ourselves and that people who do so are arrogant and #teamtoomuch.

It's like in middle school when we'd say "Ugggh, she think she cute" when a girl showed up looking extra cute. ....OF COURSE SHE DOES!

Every once in a while I wake up, look in the mirror and literally think to myself "oh...you cute af today! You gotta put on your best dress to accentuate this natural flyyyyness." And I will walk through that entire day on 💯. But here's the thing...on other days, I wake up look in the same mirror at that same me and feel like a mess. One bad eczema flare up can ruin a whole week and have me convinced that I'm bad at my job, have no friends, and don't deserve to be loved.

So, I'll be damned if on my good day, imma shrink myself or dull my shine because it triggers someone else's insecurity.

Same goes for my work ethic, my intelligence, my skills as a leader, my interpersonal skills, my emotional intelligence, my ability to see clarity in chaos and speak truth to power.

There are structures in place in society that aim to make me feel less than. Less smart, less beautiful, less competent, less worthy of physical and mental health, less skilled, less financially literate, less human.

So, imagine how self loathing I'd have to be to pretend to be less than I know I am, because someone else's insecurity makes them feel like I'm "too much". Nah. Hard pass.

Confidence isn't a zero sum game. My having it, does not take it away from anyone else. Instead of trying to convince people that they are too much, let's drink from the same source of greatness.

And if you can't figure out how, call me and I'll show you the map.