Intentions: September

On my walk from breakfast, two neighbors stopped to tell me how good I look since I've started my hiatus from my job as Operations Manager.

My first thought was "Dang...what did I look like before!?"


Lol. But I know. I looked like I had a million tasks on my mind, always somewhere to be, or pretending to have somewhere to be to avoid the person who had the next crisis to resolve. I looked like an empath out of control, carrying the weight of other people's emotional disturbance.

Now, I look like, as one neighbor put, it "a lady of leisure". I'm not independently wealthy. I still gotta work. But it's work that I love. That nourishes my soul rather than depletes it. I wish there was another word to call it. Today, I'm going to put together an offer to help 50 women create holistic self care plans during the month of September. That doesn't feel like "work", it's my contribution to this community called Earth. What I do with my coaching is because I want so much to see people thrive, be liberated, and find the way through layers of stress, self doubt, emotional pain, and unnecessary suffering. month into my time off, I feel completely rejuvenated. I feel more confident in my voice and authority as a coach/strategist. I see that I'm doing the work I am meant to do in the world, both in my business and in my presence in my local community. I feel blessed by all my stress, trials and tests, because those became the lessons that taught me to stand in my truth, be unapologetically me, and own my gifts/talents.

In a few months, I'll return to the work of running an ashram. And I'll do so with a greater sense of purpose, a plan for protecting my peace, and a deep passion for the work I do both there and in my coaching practice. And hopefully...still looking as radiant as I do today. 

Self CareRaven Robinson