Black Friday | Small Business Saturday | Cyber Monday Sale

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This is the time of year that we all run out to the stores to purchase gifts for friends and family to show our love through gift giving on Christmas. Or, if you’re like my family, it’s just a good time of year to upgrade your electronics and purchase a new 90 inch TV for $47.

While you’re shopping in stores today or cruising online deals on Monday, I wanna remind you about all this talk we’ve been doing about Self Care and reaching our goals. Because this is also the perfect time of year to set intentions (and create plans) to reach your goals 2019.

Here’s the deal: I’m not offering a Black Friday deal.

This is a hard won lesson that changed my approach to my business and I hope will benefit all of my future clients. Coaching isn’t a service that can be discounted and still have the same effect. I’ve seen it, and BEEN it, a million times. Often, when you approach your own self improvement looking for a discount, you’re also discounting the effort that you’ll put into the work. It’s a misalignment of integrity - you say you’re ready to achieve a goal, but you’re not yet serious about doing what it takes.

When I’ve been on the other side of this, and heard it from service provides, it felt elitist to me.

It’s definitely gross when “internet marketers” convince people to max out their credit cards, sell all of their things, or get a 2nd mortgage to afford their $10k+ programs. I’m eternally grateful that I never fell into that trap. However, because of my negative response to that type of sales/marketing, I already had a canned answer for ANY sort of purchase to move me towards my goal.

“I AM serious about my goals, I just don’t have ANY MONEY. ALL of these things are out of my reach”

But that was never exactly true. I definitely wasn’t gonna sell my car to pay for someone who could only “teach” me one formula for success that likely wasn’t even the thing that got them to “six-figures”. However, I could save up money, cut back on frivolous purchases, or take on a side job in order to work with people who have real value to add, expertise to share and valid experience in getting people from where I am to where I want to be. And that’s exactly what I began to do.

The same focus, clarity and desire for progress that led me to change my point of view about spending money on coaches, workshops, and professional services is also the energy that led me to be more serious about showing up authentically in my business and be more intentional about the work that’s required to become the image that I have in my mind’s eye.

So, on this Black Friday, as you’re scrolling past all the deals for big screen TVs, new iPhones, and all other sorts of gadgets, remember to make some investments in yourself.

If you’d like to do that with me, here’s where you can start:


Choose one of the images here to schedule a free, 30 minute, no pressure consultation call.

During this chat, we’ll talk about your goals, I’ll answer your burning questions, and we can determine if coaching with me is right for you.

All that I ask is that you come with two things:

  1. A commitment to do the work that is necessary to reach your goals.

  2. A willingness to invest in your future, if you decide that I’m a fit for your needs.

If you’re new to me, you can read more on my approach to coaching here and peruse my business strategy process here.

Raven Robinson