On this day...a message about showing up

For all of my annoyances with Facebook, the “On This Day” memories feature is one of my faves. Today, I got this:


My first testimonial I ever, only two months after I had been certified. When I saw it, I thought three things:

First of all: I need to keep better records. (Because whose incredibly thoughtful words are these and why aren’t they on my site already!?!)

But also: If my work got this kind of response TWO MONTHS out of training...imagine the impact it has now - with six years of practice, study, and life experience ::sits in appreciation of self::

And then (because my thoughts always come with an action item): My work is exceptional and I should tell people about me more often.  

It reminded me of a recent conversation with someone I’ve only known for the past two years - the same amount time that I had been away from my business. She has a great business/marketing mind. So, when I mentioned that I’m re-focusing on my coaching business, she had a suggestion:

“Why don’t you create a Facebook page and offer people free coaching in exchange for testimonials?”

Solid advice. For a brand new baby coach, building their first business with no idea where to start. But for me, with six years of impactful client work under my belt...it made me laugh. Ahhhh, I remember those days. It’s why I still shudder when someone asks me “How do you find clients?”.

Because I have done ALL the things.

I’ve done the thing where I beg everyone I know (or can find on the internet) to give me an hour of their time so that I could prove that I’m a good coach and hope they hire me. I’ve done the thing where I spend hours a day (and money on ads) trying to “engage” people on a Facebook page where I got a bunch of “likes” and zero clients. I’ve spent months of my life designing and developing the prettiest websites that even my favorite website designers would praise. I’ve run a Facebook group, a LinkedIn group, a Meetup group...created marketing funnels, done fancy product launches, created email lists with “free gifts” and done webinars. Alllllll the marketing things.

I spent more time trying to beat algorithms than I spent talking about the things that are important to me. Someone could see every bit of marketing I did and still not have a clue about me or my approach to life.

This time around...I’m doing things differently.

More in alignment with my natural energy and the values that are important to me. Trusting myself over the marketing “experts”.

I don’t aspire to be the best, richest and most well-liked online marketer. I am showing up with the lessons I’ve learned and the skills that I have gained and will let those who would benefit from my work know that I am here and available to help. I’m not trying to have the most followers, the highest views or be your newest Instagram fave.

What I am already is a skillful, experienced guide who does deep, transformational work that helps people to see themselves more clearly, approach life with a healthier perspective, make more value-based decisions, and achieve meaningful goals that are aligned with who and what they really want to be.

I’ve got this simple website that I created in an hour, on a dare. A Facebook page that I don’t plan on using. And I post on Instagram because I ENJOY having real interactions with people that actually I want to know.

And as for how I plan to get clients...

What I said when she offered her suggestion, and what I’m reminded of seeing this post, is that I’m far from a beginner. For six years, I’ve built knowledge, honed my craft, and engaged in the kind of consistent practice that turns a natural talent into a mastered skill. I just haven’t talked about it much. So, that’s what I’m doing now.

Showing up.

Sharing my perspective. Articulating the lessons I’ve learned from the experiences I’ve gained. Putting my words in writing (and on video whenever inspiration and good lighting coincide). And doing so in a way that relies - not on clever product names and perfectly sequenced email campaigns- but on the content of my message and impact of my work.

My “client acquisition plan” is to show up with the intention to help somebody and trust that they will find me.

Make no mistake- there are other pieces to the plan and it includes hard work and overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges. I’m not pretending I can just close my eyes and manifest clients. As my 6-year-ago-self commented…

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 2.03.26 PM.jpg

I have to show up in the right places and take steps so that people can see/hear me which means I do have to put my marketing hat on every once in a while. But I am no longer wearing that hat to hide.

I share all of this to say that none of that matters if thousands of people see me, and still don’t know who I am. None of it matters, if I can spend two years with someone and they have no idea what I’ve accomplished in my business. The best way that I can be of service to clients so that they can experience the type of changes that the person who wrote this did - is to show up authentically, be who I am, and tell people what I do. I’m committed to doing this, even when it’s uncomfortable.

If you have a message to spread, a business to start, a career path to launch, or just want to feel more aligned in your current situation - I hope that you will do the same.

SHOW UP. We’re waiting for you.

And if you want to show up more fully, but aren’t sure how let me help. Schedule a free 30 minute consultation where you and I can chat to see if your needs match with my skills. I won’t beg anymore, but I do promise that if you invest in yourself and your dreams, things will shift in your life.