I almost canceled

Five minutes before she called, I wrote an email to Stacey. I told her that the nasty situation I had just left a week before was still too fresh. I was still processing, knew I couldn’t NOT talk about it, but hadn’t decided what to say.

Luckily...I never sent that email.

Over two hours - our shortest conversation ever - we talked about everything from family dinners to the art of letting and why resistance keeps us stuck.

It’s a long episode, so I’ll share a few of my favorite bits below. But really, the WHOLE thing is my favorite, as is Stacey Herrara. My friend and the founder of the Sensuality Project.

I’m so glad that I didn’t send that email! There were only two things out of the whole conversation that I wished I hadn’t said. (Listen and tell me if you can guess what they are)


46:30 - Martydom vs running from your shadows.

48:10 - Compassion and the 57 flavors of woundedness.

49:20 - Acknowledging what hurts

1:03: 24 - Moving past the small talk to being interesting and interested.

1:04:00  - Owning your stuff.

1:08:55 - Discomfort vs Pain - Don’t block your lessons.

1:16:20 - Opening my heart and losing my mind.

1:27:37 -   The Body keeps the score

1:30:45 - When people tell you who they are (and how they will leave you) BELIEVE THEM.

1:40:00 Journaling as a Practice

1:45:25 - Stop resisting! Physically, emotionally, be with where you are.

1:49:55- You’re better at mediation than you think you are.

Can you tell how much I LOVED this conversation??? If you enjoyed it as well, please go listen to another episode of The Sensuality Project with Stacey Herrara. She said this about me, and I’m saying it back because its SO true: She’s one of the REALEST women I have ever met.

The Sensuality Project


Raven Robinson