The Way Thru: Boundaries


As we begin to reckon with sexual abuse/harassment, societal injustices, white supremacy and similar topics on a societal scale, we need to talk about THE WAY THRU BOUNDARIES.

Many of us have been taught an unhealthy approach - from our parents, churches, schools/teachers, jobs. We’ve been told that being NICE is the #1 goal, even if it's detrimental to your own physical/mental/spiritual well-being. Even as I see folks begin to set clearer boundaries, it’s often a swing in the total opposite direction; almost to the point where they become the boundary violator.

It doesn’t have to be one or the other.

Over the next 4(ish) weeks, I’ll share what I’ve learned on my journey from loose to rigid boundaries and everything in between. I’ll give you some of the resources that have been most helpful for me, and prompt you to share your boundaries journey - here on IG and in your private journal. As you ask, comment and share - I’ll be learning too.

I may shine a light on the confusing parts, compel you to think critically about popular opinions or offer a shift in perspective.

Together, we’ll un-learn what doesn’t serve us and take practical steps to SET, HOLD and RESPECT boundaries.


If you want to see the posts first, join me on Instagram @ravendelana. I’ll be sharing posts, stories, IGTV videos and more.

The Foundation

Questions/Journal Prompts

  • What are the subtle ways you’ve been encouraged to ignore your boundaries? (Even by folks who may not have known that’s what they were saying.)

  • What aspects of my life may change as I hone this skill?

  • Who, in my closest circle, will I ask for support?

  • What are the needs/values most affected by my current boundaries?

Setting Boundaries:

Blog Post

Video Part One and Two:

Questions/Journal Prompts:

  • How do I feel when I say no to a request of my time or energy?

  • In which relationships or situations does boundary setting feel most challenging?

  • How does it feel, physically, to have my boundaries crossed?

  • Why is this boundary work important to me?

Holding Boundaries


Questions/Journal Prompts: Coming soon

Respecting Boundaries

coming soon…

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