Pricing and Policies



Ebooks: $20-50

Masterclasses: $75-150

One on One Coaching: $650 per month, minimum of 3 months for first timers.

Radical Business Catalyst: $750 one time payment.

Scholarship Fund:

In order to make my work accessible, while still honoring the work that I do, I have decided to test scholarships for coaching programs and services. The Scholarships will be funded in two ways:

When you donate via:

Google Pay: (preferred)

Paypal: ravendelana

CashApp: $ravendelana

Venmo: ravendelana

For every paying client, I donate 25% of my time. So, in effect, for every 4 fully paying clients one person could work with me for free (or several people could get a smaller discount).

Current Funds Available: $270